Natasha Spencer 19 January 2005

the last... record you bought?

‘Death Unlimited’ by Norther. I actually already had some of it as mp3s so I already liked it. It’s a good album and it gets better each time I listen to it.

the last... concert you attended?

Dark Funeral ~ a good black metal gig!

the last... book you read?

‘The Virgin Queen’ by Philippa Gregory, and it was the best of hers I’ve read so far. An excellent story, and the fact that it’s true makes it even cooler.

the last... movie you went to see?

Okay this doesn’t really count because I’ve seen it hundreds of times, but I watched ‘Grease’ on Sunday on ITV2 and I still loved it.

the last... magazine you bought?

The last magazines I bought were Terrorizer and Zero Tolerance. Terrorizer’s the only magazine I usually buy because it’s the only extreme metal magazine I can get around where I live, plus you get a free CD most of the time. Zero Tolerance I’d never seen before but it had Strapping Young Lad on the cover and it looked quite cool so I got that as well.

the last... time you cried and why?

December 19th 2004, when Dimebag was murdered. Probably over the next few days as well but not in such a major way.

the last... time you got drunk?

Last Friday at Karl’s ~ he’s such a bad influence.

the last... song or record you heard and thought “my god, what’s the music world coming to”?

I’ve been watching ‘The Ashlee Simpson Show’ lately ~ I don’t know why ~ and I have thought that pretty much throughout every episode.

the last... argument you had?

I had a sort of mini-argument/sulk with my boyfriend last weekend cos he wanted to go somewhere and I didn’t. It wasn’t really an extreme argument or anything but I can’t think of anything else. I’m quite passive generally and I just give in to everyone to avoid fights.

the last... Malfated song you listened to?

Cocaine & Callgirls.

the last... time you were introduced to something new that you liked?

I don’t know, it’s too vague, and I can’t think of anything right now.

the last... file you downloaded from the Interne?

Omnium Gatherum because everyone says they sound like Children of Bodom so I wanted to check them out. They’re okay, but not as good.

the last... DVD you bought?

I think it was the Carpathian Forest DVD.

the last... bar you went to?

I went to a Brazilian bar for my friend’s birthday a couple of weeks ago. I can’t remember what it was called but it was next to where they show ‘Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’.

the last... website you looked up?


the last... time you laughed?

In a lecture this morning about collecting biological stains at crime scenes. As you can imagine there were a few funny stories and comments but the one that sticks in my head was about a woman who left the gas man in her house while she went shopping only to return and find him getting rear-ended by her Alsation dog.

the last... stupid thing you heard or read in an interview?

Jonathan Davis from Korn going on about how he was a mortician for a tiny bit and how it messed his head up, which he’s been going on about for the last ten years. Get over it, it was probably only work experience anyway.

the last... video game you played?

Vampire The Masquerade’, because it’s cool.

the last... band that made you happy other than your own?

When I left Uni today and got on the tube [London Underground] and I was really tired and fed up and I put Dimmu Borgir on my Ipod and it really cheered me up.

the last... band that pissed you off something chronic?

Cradle of Filth.

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